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Queen Woman Wetsuit 3 mm

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Introducing the Queen High End freediving wetsuit, a game-changer in underwater sports. Experience high performance with its hydrodynamic effect, tear resistance, and easy dressing. This odourless wetsuit offers thermal protection, body fit, and unbeatable strength. Made with Hydra SS Neoprene and Black Super Stretch Lining, it's designed to offer you comfort and maximum flexibility. Dive into the depths with style in this black and gold masterpiece.

Experience the full extent of your performance and discover new depths with our Ultimate High-Performance Wetsuit. Especially created for athletes who crave for a sophisticated and resilient suit designed to boost their performance in water sports. This high-end wetsuit is meticulously crafted in the European Union, exemplifying superior quality and impeccable workmanship.

What sets our Ultimate High-Performance Wetsuit apart is the innovative material, SCS Yamamoto 39, which covers the outside of the wetsuit while the inside layer is a soft to touch Lycra. This highly-durable neoprene is crafted through a special process, developing an extraordinary micelle structure on the surface that not only reduces water resistance but also provides a hydrodynamic effect for faster speeds and optimised performance.

Experience the main features of our wetsuit:

  • Odourless: The inner coating prevents bad smells from retaining.
  • Thermal Protection: Efficient insulation, thanks to high-density neoprene offers minimal compression in deep dives and lower thermal loss.
  • Body Fit: The wetsuit fits like a second skin, minimizing water infiltration.
  • Strength: Enjoy the resistance to tear, thanks to the robust neoprene.

Here is how the SCS Yamamoto 39 material amplifies your water sports experience:

  • Easy to wear and remove: SCS material feels silken to touch, making changing in and out of the suit a pleasurable process.
  • Anti-Bacterial: It prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps your suit fresh and clean.
  • High Stretchability: SCS allows improved freedom of movement while fitting as per your body contours.
  • High Heat Insulation: Keep warmer for longer and reduce fatigue with its high insulation properties.
  • Increased Speed: Dive or swim faster with a lower resistance material in water. This material matches the need of elite divers and swimmers for maximum speed.

Kindly note that the production of our Ultimate High-Performance Wetsuit takes approximately 2-4 weeks, as we take utmost care and precision in crafting the best for you. The production time could vary based on seasonal factors; for the most accurate timeline, feel free to contact us.

Made for the dedicated sportsperson in you and specifically designed to optimise your performance, the Ultimate High-Performance Wetsuit promises an unmatchable experience. Embrace the Ultimate, Feel the power!

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