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q: Do you have an actual store and what are the opening times?

No, we have only online store www.eurodiveshop.com with largest warehouse in Baltic States with worldwide shipment.

Opening times
Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 18.00

q: I forgot or lost my password.

Please click “Forgotten password”.
You will then be forwarded to another page via a link, where you can create a new password.

q: How can I see if a product is in stock and why are there products I cannot select?

You can see at a glance, which products are available and which are not.
Once you select a particular size or model, you will see if it is in stock (e.g. “ships in 2-3 days”).
A crossed out size or model means that the item is out of stock. It can no longer be selected and you can’t click the shopping cart either.


Please use our contact form to send us any written messages.


We are welcome to become our dealer. We offer special prices to athletes, clubs, shops.
Use contact form to send us information about yourself.



q: To which email address should I send a written request?

We offer the following payment options:
Credit card: Visa, Mastercard and JCB
Prepayment by Invoice

q: When will my credit card be charged?

If you choose credit card as your payment option, then the payable amount will initially only be reserved on your card.
The amount will only be deducted, when the shipment is dispatched.
In case of part deliveries, only the amount corresponding to the actual shipment value will be deducted.
Please note that some countries offer so-called debit cards for online shopping in addition to regular credit cards. The amount will be debited via your card provider immediately, where a debit card is used for payment.

q: Why doesn’t my credit card work?

Please note the following if you wish to pay by credit card:
We recommend using a PC or laptop to place your order. Smartphones or tablet PCs may cause problems.
Please use either “Google Chrome” or “Mozilla Firefox” as your browser.
We only accept VISA, MASTERCARD and JCB.
Your 3D Security code will be required to finalise the payment.
We also offer other payment options. Please see How can I pay for my order? for more detailed information.
Server problems may occur from time to time due to high traffic at the shop. Please try again later.

q: Why was my order rejected by PayPal?

Please contact PayPal directly.
Your order may have been rejected for a number of reasons, for example your account may not have sufficient funds available or there may have been an issue with your account information.
Server problems may occur from time to time due to high traffic at the shop. Please try again later.

q: How does prepayment work?

The payment option prepayment can only be selected if the ordered item is listed as available. Please note that it will take a few days to get the hydra-sport ready for shipping. More information about the actual shipping date can be found in the product information of the relevant items in our online shop.
Once you have completed the order process, you will receive a separate email from us with account information for your payment.
We will dispatch your order as soon as possible, once we have received your payment.
Please note that each incoming payment is verified manually by us, which means it can take a couple of days for you to receive your confirmation email.
Your shipment confirmation means that we have received your payment and that your order is on its way.

q: When do I get my reimbursement in case of an order cancellation or return?

Our bookkeeping department creates credit notes manually, which means that the process may take a few days.
For the payment types PayPal, credit card and prepayment , reimbursements will be credited to the linked bank account.
For the payment types Sofort online bank transfer and cash on delivery, the amount will be credited to the account you specify.
We estimate a total processing time of around 7 business days.


RETURN to hydra-sport

q: What should I do if I receive a damaged item or an incorrect item?

Please send us a photo of the article via email to [email protected]
In the event of damage, please send us a photo that clearly shows the damage.
In the case of an incorrectly delivered article, please send us photo of the product as well as a photo of the barcode and the label.
As soon as we have reviewed the case, we will contact you immediately.
If there is a mistake on our part, we offer you a return label for free shipping. For countries where this is not possible, we offer a refund of the shipping costs.
In the latter case, we need a receipt for the refund.

q: What items i can't return?

Items that have been worn directly on the body for fitting purposes, including but not limited to wetsuits and underwear.
Items with visible signs of use, wear, or damage that may affect their resaleability.
Items whose packaging has been damaged or tampered with and cannot be restored to a new condition.

q: How and when can I exchange or return the hydra-sport?

Of course you can send the article back. If you can’t find the return form enclosed with the package anymore, you can request it from us.
Please enclose the completed return form with a copy of the invoice in the package.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer an exchange, a refund will take place. Please order again if necessary.
Please note, we dont accept returns outside European Union.

q: Can I return the hydra-sport free of charge?

For all European countries, we recommend that you choose the cheapest provider for the return, as we are unfortunately unable to refund these costs.
Customer is responsible for hydra-sport successful delivery, and items should be like new, and must be not damage, including box, labels, bags.

q: What do I do if I have a complaint?

You are welcome to send us the article and we will complain to the manufacturer.
Please enclose the completed return form, stating the reason for the complaint with the package, along with a copy of the invoice. The hydra-sport must be in a cleaned condition.
If there is a warranty claim, we will repair the item immediately or replace it, depending on the damage. If the inspection for defects shows that a warranty is not owed, we reject the repair or exchange with a new item.
Unfortunately, we have no influence on the processing by the manufacturer. Therefore, the processing can take some time.

q: How long is the warranty period or the guarantee?

In European Union warranty is 2 years.
Outside European Union warranty is 1 year.



q: Which parcel service are you using for shipments?

We use UPS, Post Office and EMS our shipping partners.
UPS will hand over the parcel to the national mail service of the destination country, who will then be responsible for the final delivery.

q: Can i get an express delivery?

We can change shipment to Express Delivery, for now its manual process.
To change delivery to Express, you must contact us with order number.
Please note, not all deliveries possible to make Express, also rates will be provided by request.

q: Can I have a delivery sent to another address than my own?

Yes, that can be done. This may, however, cause some difficulties if the payment option “credit card” is selected. Whether or not you will be able to enter a delivery address other than your own depends on the security criteria you have registered with your credit card provider.

q: Can I also get part deliveries?

Yes, that can be done. To countries outside of Europe, however, we will only do part deliveries for order values of €300 or more.
Part deliveries will not cost you extra.

q: What happens if a parcel gets lost while it is on its way to me?

We will in that case place a search enquiry for you with the relevant carrier.
Please note that it can take around 8 weeks for us to receive a result for that search enquiry.
You can choose to have your money refunded or have the items shipped again, once we have confirmation that the parcel was lost.

q: Where can I view the status of my order?

We will keep you up to date on the progress of your order via email.
For more information about your order, please log in to your customer account.

q: When will I receive my delivery and when will my order be shipped?

Your order will be made ready to ship as soon as we have received your payment and we have all items for your order in stock.
We will notify you by email as soon as your parcel is shipped.
The overall delivery time depends on the relevant destination country.
Shipping time after production is generally 2-5 days (8-10 days during high season). We will most of the time be faster than that, but there are some factors that we have no influence over, e.g. delivery difficulties of the supplier or once your order is in the hands of the carrier.
Always count product production time, and then add dispatch & delivery time.

q: Where do I find the tracking number?

You will find the tracking code in your shipping confirmation email.
You can also call up your tracking number in your customer account, as soon as it is available.

q: What do I do if the parcel I receive is damaged?

Please refuse the delivery and contact us right away of the issue.
If you already accepted the delivery, you will have to notify the delivery service of the issue right away.
You will have to report the damage in any case yourself first, before we can act on your behalf.
With that information, we will be able to initiate an investigation request for you.
We will notify you about how we will proceed in terms of compensation or the dispatch of new hydra-sport, once the investigation is completed.

q: What happens if I refuse delivery of the parcel?

If you are from European Union.
We will charge you 5% of the order total + shipping costs for any delivery you refuse to accept to both way.
Additional fees may be incurred by UPS (around €10-€15), which will also be charged to you.
We will grand refund at the rest amount, when we will get it in our warehouse.
If you are NOT from European Union.
We will charge you 5% of the order total + shipping costs for any delivery you refuse to accept to both way.
Additional fees may be incurred by UPS (around €10-€15), which will also be charged to you.
Additional custom charges and declaration charges. (around 60-100 eur)
We will grand refund at the rest amount, when we will get it in our warehouse.


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