X-STRETCH 1 mm - Unisex

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The X-Stratch freediving wetsuit is made with Hydra SS Neoprene, a special material that allows high performance in a sport. Wetsuit have hydrodynamic effect, ease to dress and resistance to tear.

X-Stratch High End freediving wetsuit features:
Odourless (inner coating does not hold bad smells)
Thermal Protection (high density neoprene provides a minimum compressional in deep and lower thermal loss)
Body Fit ( Phantom minimizes water infiltration)
Easy to dress ( Special nylon allows you to put on a wetsuit without water in only a few minutes)
Strength (Neoprene is very elastic and highly resistant in same time)
Elasticity (Neoprene is super stretch that allow you not to feel a diving suit on a body)

Technical Features:
Neoprene - Hydra SS Neoprene
Neoprene Cover – Dolphin Speed around upper body
Lining – Black Super Stratch Lining
Thickness – 1 mm
Colour – Black & Gold
Hyper-Stretch mechanical Nylon lining

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