Manta Ray Bi-Fins Set

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All Hydra Fins is with counterfeit protection system.

The Mantra Ray blade is entirely designed and manufactured in Europe in high technology production workshops The Hydra Mantra Ray blade made from hi-end fiberglass.

Option you can choose:
*blade with white or black ribs
*Forza foot pocket white or black colours.

A blade that combines flexibility, versatility, finstroke efficiency and reactivity:
• Flexibility offering greater finstroke comfort without impairing performance
• Multi-purpose, impressively efficient during lengthy surface swimming sessions or deep dives, from either ship or shore
• Outstanding efficiency in swimming, diving and ascending
• Reactivity for fast acceleration when starting back up from deep dives Wear it with the Leaderfins Forza foot pocket, the acknowledged benchmark as regards comfort, reactivity and power transmitted to the blade.

Dimensions of the blade:
Length: 75 cm Width: 22 cm

Weight : 260 grammes in Soft

Production time:1-7 days

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