King Of Sea

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Largest buoy in Hydra brand spearfishing line. The buoy specially made for spearfishers, by spearfishers. The most common use is sea, but also can be used in sea and lakes. 

The buoy is very light and durable. Also have straps for easy carry.

Technical details:
- Two mounts for spearguns, on both side by one
- 18 rings for attaching equipment by all perimeter, made of high class PVC
- 2 elastic bands 6 mm
- Flag
- Valve Adapter
- A bag for storing and transportation buoy
- Straps for carrying buoy on the shoulder
- Inflation pump
- Carrying capacity 25 kg | 2.2 Pounds
- Sizes: 115 x 75 x 20 cm | 45 x 29 x 8 Inch.

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