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Experience unparalleled underwater freedom with North People Smoothskin Heiwa. Dive deeper, swim longer, explore further. Your ultimate companion for every underwater adventure.

Attention spearfishers, the future of your underwater fortunes is here! Dive into the ultimate wetsuit experience designed with you in mind. We're thrilled to present the North People Ultimate Spearfishing Wetsuit. Whether you're a pure spearfisher, compete in tournaments, or on deep-diving triggers, we've got you covered.

So, what sets this wetsuit apart? It's simple:

  • Odourless: Don't fret about that typical wetsuit smell! Our special inner coating guarantees an odourless wetsuit. Say goodbye to unwelcome post-dive smells.
  • Thermal Protection: With its high density neoprene, your wetsuit provides minimal compression at depths and lower thermal losses. No matter how deep you go, we keep you warm and protected.
  • Body Fit: The fit is just right, minimising water infiltration. Experience comfort without compromising on your agility underwater.
  • Strength: With neoprene that is highly resistant, this wetsuit ensures long-lasting use. From the daunting depths to the challenging currents, it's your trusty companion that's built to last!

If you're keen on tech details, you'd appreciate these cool features:

  • Neoprene by Heiwa: Known for its flexibility and durability, giving you a great mix of comfort and resilience.
  • Smoothskin Outside: This special exterior helps reduce drag in the water, helping you glide through the water effortlessly.
  • Opencell Inside: An interior design that ensures impressive thermal protection and form-fitting comfort.
  • High Waist Pants: Enhancing your convenience under the sea while providing additional thermal protection.

Why settle for less when you can have all this and more with our North People Ultimate Spearfishing Wetsuit? Gear up and dive in!

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